2. Introducing Zuzu. Normally she’s a pleasure to talk to, but if you say anything about her height she can be a little short.

  3. Meet Mubbs. Recently he’s spent his time practicing singing. He used to have great pipes, but he’s gotten a little rusty.

  4. This is Glarg. He’s a little down in the dumps today after getting trashed last night.

  5. Introducing Brak. Don’t say anything about his scars, he gets a bit broken up about it.

  6. Meet Schnozz. Some people seem to think he’s a know-it-all, but he really nose best.

  7. This is Zarp. He was low on power and decided to stop and rest. That bot him some more time.

  8. This is Throop. Sometimes he can come off as a bit rude. His mind is in the gutter.

  9. This is Klomp. He’s so excited for Spring he can bearly contain himself.

  10. Meet Boomba. You can typically find him downtown hanging around the bars.